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Part 3: Correct Swimming Positions

November 17th, 2016
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Swimming Positions In The River

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7. Understand the correct swimming procedures

If you happen to find yourself swimming down the river, then you should be vigilant of your surroundings. There are two main swimming techniques or defensive swimming positions you should know and apply. The first is to float on your back with your head positioned up in order to better see where you are swimming. Always have your feet directed with the flow of the river with knees fairly bent. If you happen to come close to a rock, use your feet to absorb the shock of the hit and to push away from the rock. Another tip is to keep your legs somewhat closed especially for the guys out there. I think you get my point why it’s important to keep your legs closed. Also try to raise your butt as much as you can, you will avoid some nasty bruises if you hit a rock with your butt. Your arms should be extended out to stay in balance and have more control.

The second defensive swimming position is turning into a more recommended method in rescue conditions. This position involves you swimming on your stomach rather than your back. It’s basically easy, swim to wherever you want to go. I’m sure you will receive the proper training from your guide and he will go into more detail on the different swimming techniques.
If you decide to swim to the riverbanks, then swim all the way through. Do not stand up in any circumstances in a flowing river. If you stand and walk your way through, then your foot might get caught in a hole in the bottom of the river. That will end up in a different type of rescue altogether.

I have found myself several times in the water and although it can be scary the first time, it becomes second nature after that. It’s actually fun!

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