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Part 1: 10 Whitewater River Rafting Tips From The Pros

November 15th, 2016
  • Posted By: Elizabeth Green
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10 Essential Whitewater Rafting Tips

Do you feel like doing an extremely fun outdoor activity, then whitewater rafting is the solution for you! It’s an invigorating pleasure activity and an amazing way to appreciate the outdoors with your friends and family. It’s not only suited for the extreme sports enthusiasts anymore but also is suitable for everyone else as well as families with children. Of course, safety is your number one priority and there are a couple of steps you need to ensure so that your whitewater adventure will be one that you will remember for all the years to come.

This article will be split into four parts, be sure to read through all of them.

No doubt about it, rafting is amazing! But by adopting a few safety measures, then it can be even much more pleasurable. The following are 10 safety tips that will guide you along with your family to appreciate the fun outdoor activity of whitewater rafting.

1. Find a licensed and reliable whitewater rafting supplier

When looking for a rafting company, ask lots of questions. Find out how long they’ve been in operation and who is the current owner. Ask for their licenses and what type of experience and training their mentors have. It’s important to start of correctly and to choose the proper professional rafting company. Trust me, it will help you feel more at ease with your experience.

2. Life jackets are a necessity

Life jackets are not only extremely important but they are life savers. They must be worn at all times no matter what. Make sure the jacket is snug fitted to your body and that all the buckles are attached. Let your guide put the jacket on for you to ensure the perfect fit. It should be tight enough to breathe but you should not be able to pull it over your shoulders.

3. Protective equipment is a must

Just like life jackets, helmets are a must no matter how much experience you have in whitewater rafting. Think of it this way, you definitely would not let your children ride their bikes without a helmet then why take a chance without wearing one yourself when rafting? It’s just a safety precaution to make your adventure more memorable.

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